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Prepare for birth

With Midwife Linda

Thursday 1st April at 7pm (GMT)

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Are you looking to get as prepared as possible for labour and birth but not sure where to start ?
Are you in the second trimester of pregnancy?      
Are your local birth classes unavailable/ fully booked because of restrictions ?

Join Midwife Linda, your Antenatal teacher as she shares her wealth of knowledge from 30 years of supporting women to birth their babies.


During this LIVE session we will cover :


  • Where to give birth
  • The differences in midwifery led and consultant care
  • Screening tests in pregnancy
  • Being at your best in pregnancy
  • The fallacy of the due date
  • Why hypnobirthing really works 
  • Are birth plans worth it?
  • How labour starts
  • A Labour time line
  • Options for comfort in Labour
  • Making informed decisions
  • What a newborn baby needs

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