The Essential On-Line Birth Preparation Masterclass

A fully guided 3 week programme with a midwife at your side

Are you:

Over 20 weeks pregnant?
too many commitments and simply don't have time to attend group classes?
 Feeling clueless about labour and birth ?
Unsure where to get the best quality birth classes at an affordable price?
Unable to find any birth classes in your area ?
Looking to get your partner involved in preparation for baby's birth



Your essential On-Line Labour & Birth Preparation Masterclass

Your fully guided, on-line birth preparation course, giving you everything you need  to prepare you for a beautiful and positive labour and birth experience.

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Hi, I'm Linda, an experienced Midwife and the creator of this essential birth preparation programme

Join me as I guide you through  ALL the preparation you will ever need to achieve the best birth experience possible

What's included in the course:

  • 3 modules containing short video clips produced by our Midwife Linda outlining key concepts of labour and birth preparation and planning
  • Each module launched weekly
  • A weekly live video session  where you can chat with our midwife Linda who will answer any questions and help you to establish your birth preferences.
  • Two birth preference templates for a vaginal and a caesarean birth
  • PDF downloads, comprehensive course notes and links to important research and suggested reading
  •  Access to a midwife throughout the programme 
  • All sessions designed with your partner in mind
  • Updated regularly to reflect most recent evidence and research so never out of date.



Module 1

The power of your mind

 Release fear and develop calm confidence and excitement about the birth through hypnobirthing, so that the hormones that initiate and steer your labour are working as they should and the hormones that slow down your labour are kept in check

  • Understanding worry anxiety and fear
  • Where does fear in pregnancy come from
  • What is hypnobirthing and how does it work
  • The fear-tension-pain cycle 
  • The impact of fear on uterine muscles in labour
  • The power of words
  • The hormones of labour
  • How mammals birth
  • The power of the mind
  • Creating a cave environment
  • Your partners role as keeper of the cave
  • Up breathing
  • Down breathing
  • Directed breathing
  • Birth breathing
  • Affirmations scripts and audios
  • Hypnobirth preparation & practise schedule
  • weekly tutorial on birth preferences (live video session )

Module 2

The power of your body

Prepare your body to optimise the labour and birth process by understanding what happens during labour, so that you can truly birth with confidence

  • How your body prepares for labour and birth
  • Practical tips for getting yourself ready for birth
  • What triggers labour
  • Phase 1 - I'm ready when is baby coming phase ?
  • Phase 2 - Is that a real contraction phase ?
  • When will my waters break ?
  • Phase 3 - The niggling Phase
  • Phase 4 - The latent phase
  • Comfort measure in labour 
  • Using a TENS machine
  • Aromatherapy in labour
  • Phase 5 - The foot on the gas phase
  • Entonox (gas & air )
  • Pain relieving injections
  • The epidural lowdown
  • Water birth or immersion
  • Phase 6 - The transition phase
  • Phase 7- The rest and be thankful phase
  • Phase 8 - The pushing ( breathing baby down ) phase
  • Phase 9 - The crowning phase
  • Phase 10 - The birth of babies head phase
  • Phase 11- The birth of babies body phase
  • Phase 12 - The skin to skin phase
  • Phase 13 - The birth of the placenta phase
  • Phase 14 - The wrap up phase
  • Preparing your perineum for babies birth 
  • Will I need stitches
  • What's the procedure after the birth
  • Weekly tutorial on birth preferences (live video session )

Here's a clip from Module 2

Do you know what the latent phase of labour is ?


Module 3

Your power as a woman

Learn why plans change and the options and choices that you have 
  • Why intervene in pregnancy ?
  • What does risk really mean in your pregnancy
  • Understanding guidelines, policies, procedures and consent
  • Managing the Induction of labour decision
  • Getting involved in decision making -key tools to help you 
  • Understand when assisted or Caesarean birth becomes necessary
  • The procedure for assisted birth
  • The procedure for caesarean birth
  • Weekly tutorial on birth preferences (live video session)

Who is the course designed for ?

This programme is perfect for you if :

  • It’s your first baby and you need to skill up and prepare for labour and birth
  • Its a subsequent birth and you are looking for a better experience this time around
  • You are planning a VBAC (vaginal birth after Caesarean) and want to maximise your chance of success
  • You want to avoid unnecessary induction
  • You had planned on a home birth but have been informed you now don’t meet the criteria
  • You have booked in for birth classes with a national provider but need to hear what the process involves from a Midwife that actually works in the environment. 
  • You are a student midwife who wants to understand how best to educate couples on preparation for birth 

The Essential information every couple needs to know before birth

(with an experienced Delivery suite Midwife & hypnobirth teacher)

All this for just £97


1.  Essential access to our Midwife Linda and other expectant parents at our weekly live sessions and in the private facebook group

2. A special bonus of our brilliant e-book 'Being at your best in pregnancy'

3. Full Course notes and downloads, and birth planning templates

4. Full course access via a mobile app

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Client testimonials

I’ve watched the videos and found them to be incredibly informative. It was lovely to be able to watch them in the comfort of my own home with a cup of tea and at a pace that suited me - some of the benefits of taking a digital workshop
You have a very reassuring , soothing voice that is easy to listen to and that put me immediately at ease. I was left wanting to watch more which is always a good sign!
What I also like about the digital workshop is that you can watch the videos as many times as you like throughout your pregnancy so as you get nearer to the birth you can pop the video on and remind yourself of what you’ve learnt, a benefit of choosing digital over a face to face class
Becci October 2019

Frequently Asked questions


You will be sent a link to log in with a password. The course will be sent out as one module a week so you will have plenty of time to complete it. If you need the course materials last minute let me know and we can schedule delivery of materials to suit your needs.

You can start the course as early as you wish after 20 weeks as its yours to keep once purchased so you can go back over the materials time and time again which is a huge advantage over a face to face course where you may only retain some of the information ( you know about pregnancy brain..right !)

As you can work through all the materials in one day if necessary then as late as you need them!

This is a great question. I have this covered as we will be holding weekly live video sessions in a zoom room ( all you do is press  on a link that I will send you by email) and it's as if we are in the same room together. In addition you will be invited into our facebook group so there will be lots of daily support which is much much more than you get from current face to face birth classes.

There are huge benefits to this course including the number one benefit which is that it is delivered right into your email inbox by an experienced delivery suite midwife that has attended over 700 births. You can access the course anytime any place via a laptop or tablet and watch as little or as much as you want to, dependent on your energy and concentration levels. It's the only course on the market that covers all of this depth of subject matter and totally prepares you for everything.  

many couples work through this BEFORE their NCT classes too to give them a good grounding however in reality this course is the ONLY preparation that you will need 

However, and most importantly this course prepares you for the best birth experience possible, whatever the mode of birth.

Well here are some more advantages. Everything is covered ALL in one programme so that you don't have to take a mix and match approach to your birth preparation with NCT for birth then Hypnobirthing from another provider and then How to care for your newborn baby from another one, and still left wondering have you done enough preparation . Also i have found that in 11 years of delivering face to face courses, couples are tired after work when we conduct evening classes and sometimes due to work pressure, shift work or time issues they just cannot make the face to face classes at all so end up not doing any birth classes which leaves them vulnerable to intervention if they are unclear as to what the process involves.

We aim to exceed your expectations with this programme.

If you are not 100% happy with the content we will refund you fully.


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