The Essential Online Birth Preparation Course

Prepare for a positive birth experience from the comfort of your own home, guided by Linda, an experienced Midwife.

Learn how to manage your journey through pregnancy, labour and birth. Feel totally prepared for the realities of childbirth and  whatever direction your journey takes you, so that you remain confident and in control. 

If you're pregnant and feeling:

Isolated and scared about the upcoming months? 

Pretty clueless about labour and birth ?

you'd like to get your partner involved in preparation for baby's birth


The Essential Online Birth Preparation Course

is for you! 


Over 80 short videos to watch, with accompanying Printables

Fortnightly Group calls with access to an experienced Midwife

support to compile your birth preferences (plans) 

Exclusive Facebook Group for added support


Hi, I'm Linda, an experienced Midwife and passionate about helping people have the best birth possible. 

Making your birth better starts right now. The decisions you make right NOW directly influence your birth experience.

Let me show you how to manage your journey through pregnancy labour and birth. I have a vast wealth of knowledge to share, so that you feel totally prepared for the realities of childbirth and  whatever direction your pregnancy labour and birth takes that you remain confident and in control.


The Online Essential Birth Preparation Course

where you'll discover

The Power Of Your Mind - Discover how your thoughts and feelings can impact the natural progression of labour, and learn how to harness your mindset using hypnobirthing so your body and mind work in harmony with each other. 

The Power Of Your Body - Understand the 14 phases of labour and birth and what you can expect during each of these. Reduce your fear of the unknown by learning as much as you can before you experience it first hand.

Your Power As The Mother - While most births are medically uneventful, sometimes things don’t go to plan. Learn what options and choices you have when things deviate from the usual pathway, so you can make empowered, informed decisions should you need to.


Prepare for a positive birth story of your own

Module 1 - The Power of your Mind

In this module you will : 

  • Learn about hypnobirthing and how it can lead to a shorter more comfortable labour with less interventions. 
  • Learn the tools you need including breathing and relaxation techniques and visualisations to prepare for a calm and comfortable birth. 
  • Learn how your partner can support you through labour and birth. 

Module 2 - The Power of your Body

In this module you will : 

  • Learn about the different phases of labour.
  • Understand what happens in your body during labour and birth :
    • How it starts
    • How it progresses
    • How to remain comfortable and in control during this process. 

Module 3 - Your Power As The Mother

In this module you will : 

  • Understand your rights to say no. It's your body, your baby and your birth.
  • Learn why intervention might happen and how to prepare for it.  

What does the course include? 

  • Over 80 videos, each 5 -10 minutes long, covering all you need to get prepared.
  • PDF downloads, comprehensive course notes and a well researched reading list.  
  • A fortnightly live video session where you can chat with me, and I can answer any questions and help you to establish your birth preferences. 
  • Two birth preference templates 

"I’ve watched the videos and found them to be incredibly informative. It was lovely to be able to watch them in the comfort of my own home with a cup of tea and at a pace that suited me - some of the benefits of taking a digital workshop You have a very reassuring, soothing voice that is easy to listen to and that put me immediately at ease. I was left wanting to watch more which is always a good sign! What I also like about the digital workshop is that you can watch the videos as many times as you like throughout your pregnancy so as you get nearer to the birth you can pop the video on and remind yourself of what you’ve learnt, a benefit of choosing digital over a face to face class."


Frequently Asked Questions

Use your unique log in details to access your private members area. 

You will find your 3 modules,  supporting content and all downloadable materials. Each module is broken down into bite size videos, so you can watch  as much or little as you like in one go, pop back to recap as needed. Perfect to watch with or without your birth partner(s).

One of my favourite features is the APP - you'll download the app and will be able to access all the content from your phone.  You can listen or watch whilst out walking, sitting waiting for appointments, as well as watch the videos on your desktop or laptop. 

You can start the course as early as you wish. You have lifetime access, so you can go back over the materials time and time again. This is one of the main advantages over a face to face course where you may only retain some of the information ( you know about pregnancy brain..right !)

If you're in your 3rd Trimester, don't worry. The course content is available as soon as you log in, so perfect if you need to binge-watch and get yourself prepared.


The Essential Online Birth Preparation Course is £97.

A group face-to-face course with me would cost £245, plus add in fortnightly live Q&As and bonus material and the course is valued at over £500!

However, here at From Bumps to Babies it is important that this need to know information is affordable and accessible to all women. We believe in a positive birth for everyone. 



We have this covered as we will be holding fortnightly live video sessions. 

In addition you will be invited into our exclusive Facebook community group. There will be lots of daily support which is much much more than you get from current face to face birth classes.


There are huge benefits to this course.  Firstly, you have lots of information from a Midwife that has attended over 700 births.

You can access the course anytime any place via a laptop or tablet and watch as little or as much as you want to, dependent on your energy and concentration levels.

It's one of the most comprehensive courses available and totally prepares you for everything - no other classes required.  

However, and most importantly this course prepares you for the best birth experience possible, whatever the mode of birth.

Oh my, yes! The beauty of the Essential Online Birth Prepartion Course is that it’s suitable for all. No matter whether it’s your first baby and you’re not even sure what hypnobirthing is, or your third baby is on the way, this course shows you the 3 Powers to a Positive Birth.  

The course will show you how to  feel totally prepared for the realities of childbirth.  Whatever direction your pregnancy, labour and birth takes, you will be able o remain confident and in control.


I promise that by the time you complete this course you will feel more positive, confident, relaxed and even excited about giving birth!

There is a 14 day money back guarantee. If you buy the course and you don't find it helpful, just get in touch within 14 days and we will refund you in full*. You have quite literally nothing to lose! So, what are you waiting for?

*To qualify for a full refund you need to have watched less than 20% of the content and have submitted your request within 14 days of purchase.

" I am a first time mum, and this is my first pregnancy. I knew nothing of birth other than the stories I had heard from friends - the good, the bad and the ugly! I was really keen to arm myself with facts, figures and a real understanding about the what my body was going to go through and wow have I learnt so much!

Firstly the online portal is so easy to use, and with the introduction of the new app you can access material anywhere - perfect for when your waiting around at appointments or if you get a lunch break at work. You can go at your own pace, which for my was really important to make sure I took in everything that was shared. The videos and discussions range in length from 2 - 10 minutes and it’s super easy to dip in and out. I often found myself a good hour into the material without even noticing because everything flows well and is easy to keep track of. You genuinely become fascinated by the process of birth that you are keen to learn the next thing on the module. It’s like an ever evolving story.

The course is not only factual, and gives you real life examples of things that maybe other courses would shy away from (birthing of the placenta and what to expect after birth is a great example!) but it gives you an insight into Linda’s experience which is priceless. She can easily recount evidence and examples from private clients that really backs up the facts and makes you feel at ease.

 The course has helped me understand the biology of birth, what my body will go through and how I can use techniques to cope with this including hypo-birthing, breathing, and water birth but along side the practical help it’s also given me the confidence that this is my birth, my body and ultimately I am in the driving seat - which no one else through my pregnancy seemed to tell me!

Whilst our NCT course covered birth it was such a small part, with more about postnatal care and how to care for our baby once they had arrived. Without this course we would have missed out on a huge amount of in-depth information that we have found invaluable. We feel so confident going into both birth and childcare now."


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