You have the Power for a Positive Birth ...

you just need to prepare for it! 

Join live online antenatal classes from the comfort of your own home.  


Prepare for birth from the comfort of your own home.

4 Week Antenatal birth class programme with an experienced midwife. 

The Power of Birth Preparation Programme 


Week 1 - The Power of your Mind

Mindset preparation with hypnobirthing

  • Using hypnobirthing to manage anxiety
  • Hypnobirthing tips and techniques
  • Body autonomy - your body, your birth, your baby 
  • keeping an open mind when birth 'planning'
  • Preparing baby bag and labour comfort kit 

Week 2 - The Power of your Body

The onset and phases of labour and comfort measures. 

  • Where will you birth your baby?
  • How will I know it's labour and when should I call the midwife?
  • The labour environment and the impact on birth hormones
  • An example labour timeline
  • Comfort measures and how they can be used in labour
  • Skilling up your partner for labour support

Week 3 - The Power of your Preferences

Making decisions about your birth and your baby. 

  • Working on choices for your Plans A & B
  • Resisting unnecessary intervention
  • Why you may need assistance with birthing your baby
  • Natural or assisted birth of the placenta
  • Consent to vitamin k administration for your baby ?
  • Completion of your birth preferences document 

Week 4 - Finding your Power as a parent 

What to expect from your newborn baby.

  • The golden hour 
  • Screening tests for baby
  • Breast & Formula feeding
  • Newborn vitamin supplementation
  • Common digestive discomforts
  • Bathing baby
  • Caring for the umbilical cord and baby's skin
  • Infant First Aid
  • Safe sleeping, travel, and so much more

4 weeks of Live Classes

Choose your dates from upcoming courses. Each class is totally interactive and allows you to ask any questions you have. 

Supporting lessons with a wealth of extra information and advice.

Short easy to watch videos and accompanying workbooks that you can access at any time during the next 9 months. 

Share your preparation with others in the exclusive supportive members' only Facebook group. 

An online community to build friendships and support each other. 

All journeys to birth are different. 

All pregnancies begin with a fertilised egg, but from that moment on, and for each and every woman the path to the arrival of your baby can take different routes.

How does the current care system deal with this ? .... By designing a one size fits all model of care for women designated to be low risk or high risk, swamped in procedures and policies and guidelines, where women feel vulnerable and uncertain about decisions and choices.

The ONLY way to find your own path to the best birth possible is to GET PREPARED. 

After all .... it's your body, your baby, your birth.

Prepare for a positive birth story of your own

Plus you will get these bonuses too!


The course is jam packed with a wealth of reference brochures to support your learning. 

Pick and choose the ones that relate to you and your journey. 


 Exclusive member's only support group on Facebook.

With the lack of NHS classes and limited NCT offering, getting to know other parents-to-be can be difficult.  Join the group to share your journey and learn from others' experiences too. 


Plan out your Birth Preferences ready for baby's arrival with this tried and trusted template. 

Plus you have an experienced midwife on hand to help you prepare it. 


Meet Linda, experienced Midwife and birth educator.

A Little bit about Linda: 

Linda Lilwall is a Private Midwife with over 30 years of experience and has helped welcome over 700 babies into the world. 

She has a wealth of experience and is passionate about helping couples understand their choices regarding birth so that they can decide the right options for them.

Her goal is to instil confidence through education and support, so that families are prepared for their birth journey.  She believes it is so important that each couple has clear goals and the tools they need for this task. 


What you will get by enrolling to the programme

Feel calm and confident about your birth choices, whilst understanding how they might change, and how to have a positive experience whatever the pathway. 

Be in control with clear ideas on how to liaise with your care provider, how to advocate for your birth preferences and how to deal with the unexpected. 

Be prepared with practical information, tools and techniques for you and your partner to use. All designed to lead you to a positive experience.  


We also attended NCT classes and they just didn't compare to the depth we covered with Linda. We walked away confident about the birth of our first baby and when things didn't go quite to plan she was still on hand to advise us. I would definitely recommend this course to first time parents. 

Amrita Rai


The course is not only factual, and gives you real life examples of things that maybe other courses would shy away from (birthing of the placenta and what to expect after birth is a great example!) but it gives you an insight into Linda’s experience which is priceless.
She can easily recount evidence and examples from private clients that really backs up the facts and makes you feel at ease.



It was the best decision ever, the course is full of amazing information and so easy to follow.

I was able to really feel confident to make informed decisions about my pregnancy and labour, understanding my rights and finding my power as a woman to achieve my ultimate birth experience. 

Rachel Kelly


There are huge benefits to this programme.  Firstly, you have lots of information from a Midwife that has attended over 700 births.

In addition to the 4 live classes, you can access a video library and information packed workbooks anytime, any place. 

This is perfect as you can watch as little or as much as you want to, dependent on your energy and concentration levels.

It's one of the most comprehensive programmes available and totally prepares you for everything - NO other classes required.  

However, and most importantly it prepares you for the best birth experience possible, whatever the mode of birth.

1. The combination of live classes and recorded videos means you can fit it around your work and life in general. Watch the content at home on the sofa with your partner, or on your lunch break at work. Learn at your own pace and rewatch any videos at any point.

2. This course gives you the important opportunity to discuss your questions, worries, and choices direct with a highly experienced midwife.

When you are ready to join the 4 live classes  you will have plenty of time to discuss whatever is important to you, without the limited time that your NHS midwife is bound by. 

3. Whilst in person classes might give you a chance to meet and briefly chat with other couples, The Power of Birth Preparation programme gives you  access to 4 weeks of live online classes  plus 24 hour access to a members-only support Facebook group, where if you wish you can share your journey and experiences with others. 

4. The course is constantly updated as new evidence emerges so it is never behind the times ensuring you get the best information out there . 

Upon signing up, you will be allocated a space on the Live Class dates you choose (ideally choose the start date for your LIVE classes in the third trimester )

You will also get a unique log in to immediately access your private members area where you will find all the supporting video lessons, exercises, worksheets and resources library. All this content is available on laptop or mobile with an App (available on both IOS and Android) so you can listen or watch whilst out walking, or sitting waiting for your appointments !!

Work through the videos and audios with your partner and if you can try to complete the pre-recorded videos before you join the live sessions it will really enhance your learning, but if time is an issue just jump in when you can as i've got you covered !

You can start the pre-recorded section of the course from as early as 12 weeks if you wish as the first module is really helpful in early pregnancy if you are feeling anxious as it explores the subject of hypnobirthing . You have 12 months access, so you can go back over the materials time and time again during your pregnancy.

If you've only just spotted this programme  and you are  in your 3rd Trimester, don't worry! All the content is readily available so it's perfect if you need to binge-watch and get yourself prepared in a very short time.

The 4 weeks of live classes are ready for you to jump in as soon as you are ready, they are fun and interactive and reinforce the video material. If you can't make the live sessions we will record them so you don't miss a thing !


The Power of Birth Preparation programme costs £175 for the 4 live sessions, the video library and the online support group.

However, I am so passionate to help as many women as possible to achieve a gentle and peaceful birth that I always aim to keep this affordable and great value.


This is a comprehensive programme that covers all you need for pregnancy and labour. It includes how labour works, how to prepare your mind and how to compile your birth preferences. Plus in Week 4 we explore how to care for your newborn. 

In addition the birth preferences section is a lot more detailed than in any other course. 

In the current pandemic there are no face-to-face classes being held. This course offers you the same and much much more, all from the comfort of your own home. 


100% yes!

The beauty of the The Power of Birth Preparation course is that it’s suitable for all. No matter whether it’s your first baby and you’re not even sure what hypnobirthing is, or your third baby is on the way, this course shows you the innate power that you have in your possession to achieve a Positive Birth.  

The course will show you how to  feel totally prepared for the realities of childbirth.  Whatever direction your pregnancy, labour and birth takes, you will be able to remain confident and in control.


I promise that by the time you complete this programme you will feel more positive, confident, relaxed and even excited about giving birth!

There is a 14 day money back guarantee. If you buy the course and you don't find it helpful, just get in touch within 14 days and we will refund you in full*. You have quite literally nothing to lose! So, what are you waiting for?

*To qualify for a full refund you need to have watched less than 20% of the content and have submitted your request within 14 days of purchase.

Are you ready to start your preparation?

Join the Power of Birth Preparation Antenatal Programme

  • 4 weeks of Live Classes 

  • 4 Modules of short and easy to watch videos and supporting materials. 

  • Exclusive online community


Select the dates of your 4 weeks of Live Classes.

You can choose the 4 weeks most suitable for you. I recommend joining the live classes when you are 24 weeks or above.

4 week Antenatal Course - 6th September

Perfect if baby due between October - January

4 week Antenatal Course - 25th October

Perfect if baby due between December - March

4 week Antenatal Course - 10th January

Perfect if baby due between March - June

4 week Antenatal Course - 7th March

Perfect if baby due between May - August
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