How to use a Birth Ball? 

Learn how to use a birthing ball to support you during pregnancy, labour and birth. 

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Guide to Buying a Birth Ball

Top tips on which one to purchase and selecting the right one for you. 

How to use it correctly

Advice on how to use the ball correctly, and position yourself for maximum support. 

Exercise Instructions 

Instructions and videos for simple exercises to do to prepare your body for labour. 

8 pages of useful advice and information from an experienced Midwife

Hi, I'm Linda

I help couples have a positive birth experience.

I believe that making your birth better starts right now. The decisions you make right NOW directly influence your birth experience.

I am a Private Midwife with over 30 years experience, Mother, Hypnobirthing and Antenatal teacher and Massage therapist and help couples through my Online Birth preparation Course and a variety of midwife services. 


Grab the Guide

Prepare your body for birth

Grab the Guide

Prepare your body for birth